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Tips & Advice from wedding couples

1. If you're planning a holiday weekend or fall wedding, book your vendors early:
Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and about any date in September are extremely popular in Iowa/Illinois. Book your professionals early and get your top picks. One year out is recommended.
2. Pinterest is not a real wedding day:
Pinterest has great ideas and inspiration. Wedding blogs too. But also are catchy trends that may fizzle out. They aren’t authentically you.
3. Start totes and label them:
Getting Ready, Ceremony and Reception. Start putting items in to those totes as you get them so you don’t forget important items.
4. Use a Wedding Website and Hashtag:
Wedding websites aren’t just fun, they’re functional with directions, activities for guests and room block info.  And I encourage an unplugged ceremony
but the hashtag is is a great fun for reception moments. 
5. Hire a wedding planner:
From recommendations, to setup and tear down, to timelines and damage control. Planners do it all and save your sanity.
6. Make a shared cloud folder:
Put an excel spreadsheet of guests, ideas, projects to do, contracts you have signed all in a folder that can be shared with a planner, helper or event designer. We use Google docs on the daily!
7. If you want bridal photos:
Schedule them on the same day as your hair and makeup trial. After your alterations on your dress are done as well. That way you get to test run the dress, the hair and makeup and get professional pictures all glammed out.
8. Don’t skip the honeymoon:
Book a honeymoon because you won’t try to wait or skip it until the next year. So many couples say they’ll take one later and never do. You need that break and time together.
9. Bring extras, especially shoes:
In Iowa, if its remotely close to winter, bring rain or winter books. I’ve seen snow in May and late September and if its not snow, it maybe mud.
10. Invest in important things:
For most of my clients, photos are the most important thing because they are more than just 1 day. They will be used and seen forever. But if flowers or a great DJ are super important, spend your money there.
11. Hire Professionals:
It will make things easier and of all the days of your life, when would you spend $ on the best? Yep, your wedding day.
12. Be Adventurous together:
Include your partner in decisions and plan some fun activities for you that aren't planning.

Want more tips, tricks, and advice? Fill out the below and we will be sure to set you up!

As ​Mrs. Doubtfire always said, "Help is on the way dear!"

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