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What is an Elopement Dress?

In contrast to many traditional bridal gowns, an ideal elopement attire exudes a more relaxed and adaptable vibe, ensuring you can move freely. Whether your elopement adventure includes a breathtaking mountain hike or not, your dress should accommodate your mobility needs. Elopement dresses are designed without the typical long train, sparing you the hassle of ending up with a gown laden with dirt and debris when you reach your portrait spot.

Even if your elopement doesn't involve conquering summits, prioritizing practicality over a restrictive gown is a wise choice. During my elopement photography sessions, we often explore multiple locations at a leisurely pace to savor the scenery. Hence, the most critical criterion for selecting an elopement dress is unquestionably comfort!

What is the appropriate attire for a wedding elopement?

Deciding on your attire as a guest at an elopement can sometimes be a bit perplexing, and seeking the couple's guidance is always a good idea! However, as a general rule, most elopement attendees opt for slightly less formal outfits compared to traditional weddings. Typically, elopement guests choose attire suitable for a nice restaurant.

If you're going to a more adventurous elopement, it's essential to consider appropriate footwear and weather-appropriate clothing. For instance, avoid wearing heels when you're navigating mountain trails.

Where should you elope to?

Generally, there are several factors to ponder when selecting your elopement destination.

Firstly, think about the type of scenery or environment that resonates most with both of you. Are you drawn to the hustle and bustle of a city, or does the sight of endless mountain peaks fill you with wonder?

Secondly, consider the time of year you envision for your elopement. While many couples opt for summer elopements due to the favorable weather, don't dismiss the idea of a winter elopement too hastily. A winter wonderland with a cozy cabin can be equally enchanting.

Lastly, ponder your willingness to travel. Determine how far you're willing to journey for your elopement. Are you up for planning an elopement on the other side of the world, or do you prefer the ease of celebrating close to home?

If you're still uncertain about your elopement destination, you can discover some inspiration in my guide to the world's finest elopement locations.

Where can I buy an elopement dress?

Many local boutiques do stock elopement-style dresses, but your range of choices expands significantly when you opt for an online retailer.

Most companies offer return options if you're uncertain about the fit of your elopement dress. Some online boutiques even provide the convenience of sending you multiple sample dresses before you decide on a custom-tailored one.

For those on a budget, numerous online stores offer stunning elopement dresses priced under $500. Etsy serves as an excellent resource for unique and personalized elopement dresses as well.

Here's a compilation of my preferred shops for elopement dresses:

2. Etsy
3. Azazie

Best Elopement Dresses

I've curated a selection of wedding dresses that I think would be an excellent fit for an elopement. With a diverse array of styles available, the initial selection process can indeed be a bit daunting. I hope this list serves as a source of inspiration, if nothing else!


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